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the quest.

Digitalization is no longer somewhere out there. We are a part of it.

You are expected to rise to the challenge
… and make the digital space your trusted playground.

Experience how leadership, facilitation and digitalisation become one.


Live digital braveness.

who you are.

You are a curious woman. Bold enough to dive into the virtual wonderland.

You are ready to embark on a journey to re-invent your digital leadership and facilitation skills in the virtual space.

You need to do this fast and with personalized support.

Learn fast, smart and hands-on.

what you take away.

Creativity and competencies for leadership in the digital space.

Capability to choose the right tools and platforms to facilitate online meetings and lead teams remotely with ease.

Confidence to meet your challenges and to deliver results.


Make the digital space a place for creative thinking.

what you get.

6-week leadership journey (either in German or English)

3 live online workshops (each à 6 hrs)

2 mastermind sessions (each à 2 hrs)

1 individual coaching session

1 certificate


Embark on a digital adventure.

how we do it.

Like Alice, you will immediately jump into the looking glass… and navigate the digital landscapes and kingdoms.

We are happy to be at your side.

We are offering a unique method that allows us to give leadership insights and simultaneously very hands on experience.

Each module will invite you to a different collaboration platform. You will experiment with a variety of tools and methods in the digital space.


We help you out of the rabbit hole.

The Workshops

Remember Alice’s trip to Wonderland? Your Journey with us will be just as exciting, full of wonder and life changing. You will connect with your essence in the rabbit hole, find allies to rise again and you will be presencing possible futures.


Do I have the skills and the self-confidence to lead in the digital space?
Where do I get what I need to fill the virtual space with authentic and powerful presence? How am I (taking care of myself) in all possible circumstances?


Leadership Embodiment

Shift from reactive behaviour to conscious responses. Experience foundational resources of leadership: Stance, Focus, Action and Learning.

Neuro Leadership

Make use of powerful neuroscience when dealing with stress, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Boost your response-ability: master when and how to say yes.



What invitation am I for others? How do I leverage trust? How do I build spaces for collaboration? How do I delegate responsibility and how do I inspire and support mutual learning?

Conflict & Collaboration

Upgrade your personal communication style. Nurture trust and psychological safety in the digital space. Use conflicts to deepen your relationships and facilitate breakthroughs.

Agile Innovation

Seek, take and coordinate a multitude of perspectives. Identify where to start initiating change. Develop safe-to-fail experiments and innovate. Connect the dots and expect the impossible.


How do I exercise agency over the
system and seize opportunities? How
do I contribute to the greater good?
How can I thrive under pressure?


Leading in Complexity

Complexity calls for different managerial responses than the obvious or complicated. The level of uncertainty that comes with the digitalization calls for emergent, not best practices. Learn how to navigate this field managing patterns.

Cozy Digitality

There are ways to create an inviting, warm atmosphere in online meetings. To transform the virtual into a psychologically safe space for high performance teams, you need to feel comfortable yourself first.

Choose the right toolset

There are ways to create an inviting, warm atmosphere in online meetings. To transform the virtual into a psychologically safe space for high performance teams, you need to feel comfortable yourself first.


the schedule.

Time zone: CET
alice dinner By Lewis Carroll pdf from gasl.org Public Domain https commons.wikimedia.org w index.phpcurid1491652

Alice's Digital Closing Party & Special Guest

We will treat you with a closing party featuring a Special Guest and the distribtion of the certificates on 21st or 22nd October 2021. Date to be confirmed soon.




The three live 6-hour workshops are at the core  of the programme. They will be hosted by at least two of us.

Friday 1
German Version 09:00 – 15:00
English Version  14:00 – 21:00

Friday 2
German Version 09:00 – 15:00
English Version  14:00 – 21:00

Friday 3
German Version 09:00 – 15:00
English Version  14:00 – 21:00


The two sessions are a perfect opportunity for peer consultation. You will gain unexpected insights from diverse perspectives on your case.

Wednesday 1
Parallel Groups (German/English)
19:30 – 21:30

Wednesday 2
Parallel Groups (German/English)
19:30 – 21:30

Individual Coaching

You have one session of individual online coaching at your disposal. You can pick between executive coaching and digital tech coaching.

who we are.

Three women brought together by COVID-19.

We embody the dance of change and are going for what is ours. We learned to manage ourselves to lead others. We have been raising kids. We climbed mountains and went through deserts. Leadership and transformation are our passion. We believe that humanity needs the reponse-ability to lead through uncertainty. And that it needs to design a digital transformation and leverage tech for a common good.

Dr. Blanka Bellak | Leadership Journey

Dr. Blanka Bellak

I am the midwife of the best version of yourself, your team and organization. A late-comer to the digital, I had to learn how to find the gems of the digital space and how to polish them to create illuminating, powerful, earning collaborations able to navigate complexity with ease.

Website: leadership.associates

Annette Birkholz | Leadership Journey

Annette Birkholz

My passion is listening to people, observing the system and cocreating futures. I believe that if we trust ourselves, if we use  the wisdom of our body and connect to our chosen communities there is nothing that can stop us: We have it all to make our wildest dreams become our reality.

Website: annettebirkholz.com

Brigitta Villaronga | Leadership Journey

Brigitta Villaronga

I am a creative and visionary game changer. Pioneering uncharted territory fuels me. Clients appreciate my way of facilitating processes, due to the lightness and humor I dare to bring after 15 years in leadership positions.

Website: confluencing.net

your investment By Lewis Carroll pdf from gasl.org Public Domain https commons.wikimedia.org w index.phpcurid1491702

your investment.

Register to secure your place. If you feel you cannot afford the ticket please contact us. We offer two scholarships as we wish to make our programme available to as many women as possible.

still undecided?

Don’t like buying a rabbit in a hole? Join a free taster event for our leading.digital journey.

Tickets Options


excl. VAT | regular price


excl. VAT | "Early Rabbit" price

—  25 hours of programme

—  6-week journey

—  6 handpicked modules

—  3 interdisciplinary experts

—  2 mastermind sessions

—  1 coaching session

—  Alumni forum

Social Media By John Tenniel own scan Public Domain https commons.wikimedia.org w

Still have questions?

Don’t like buying a rabbit in a hole? Join a free taster event for our leading.digital journey.

Willingness to embrace digital space and explore how you can lead here.
Commitment to join the monthly workshops from a quiet place with good internet connection.

The maximum is 20, the minimum is 10.

Great question! Yes. For partners and “ambassadors” we offer the programm for € 590,00. We also offer scholarships. Please get in touch – join@leading.digital

In English (starting in the afternoon) and in German (starting in the morning). Upon request can we hold the programme in-house in French.

Yes! We want to give the opportunity for at least one person per cohort.

The programme fee is fully refundable up to 15 days before its start. It is not refundable thereafter. If the programme is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 7 days prior to its start and will refund your registration fee in full. If you cannot attend the programme and you would like to name a replacement, let us know.